Here is a selection of our work with a variety of clients.

NEE Brochure
NEE Electronics wanted to update their brand and to have a brochure which reflected the high quality of their machine control solutions. We designed a 12 page brochure with highly stylised images and a strong brand approach. The brochure also had capacity for a series of technical data sheets and a mechanism on the inside front cover to hold a DVD containing training and software.

ANLP Brochure
ANLP is a long-standing client who is always looking for new ways to position themselves. With their latest brochure they wanted a completely new look which was fresh and vibrant, but still demonstrated their commitment  to outstanding service and adding value to their membership.

Rapport Magazine
Rapport is the leading magazine for NLP professionals. Having designed Rapport for over 10 years we have had the opportunity to guide the art direction at all levels. Rapport is written by a mix of professional writers and contributors so the design is flexible enough to cater for a multitude of different content. The look is bright and clean with lots of images to give visual interest to sometimes complex subjects.

Omron Blood Pressure Guide 
Omron Healthcare is the leading provider of home and professional health monitors. For over 15 years we have provided a multitude of design solutions helping to develop the brand and working on projects that have been seen in a multitude of outlets. This blood pressure guide was developed for use in pharmacies to guide the process and explain the results of blood pressure monitoring.

Hillingdon Hospitals Recuitment Promotional Materials
We worked on this project by first creating a brochure and then developing the look to be used across a series of posters and social media graphics. The use of real people made the messages more personal and helped express the approach the Trust has towards recruitment.

International Paper Exhibition Presentation
This project involved creating a rolling presentation which explained the different areas that International Paper’s packaing division works in. A mix of colourful graphics and simple animations helped to bring their story to life in an informative and interesting way.

Hedge Forensics Brochure
Hedge Forensics is a research company, analysing UK hedge fund management organisations. They needed a brief and impactful brochure to market their services. The circular theme came from an element in ther logo and was used in conjunction with financial/analytical imagery to produce the professional look they were after. 

Castell Safety Industrial Guides
Castell required a series of guides which depicted how their safety products could be used in different industries from food production, rail and transport, energy, aggregates and logistics. Detailed 3D illustrations were created to indictae what types of safety kit was needed where and then this was explained in more detail in a series of application guides.

E3 Plus Fuel Technology
E3 Plus is an innovative nanotechnology used in fuel tanks to bring benefits such as fuel economy and reduced emissions. We designed the logo and created the brochure which needed to get across techical information whilst incorporating the products environmental credentials.

Castell Modular Exhibition Stand
Castell needed an exhibition stand that they could reuse for a variety of events. The modular stand we recommended is versatile and can be rearranged or added to. We created the graphics, including the lorry illustration and infographics to help explain how their products work.

Why No Weight Loss? Book
We designed this 120 page book for Liz Tucker, a health and wellbeing consultant. This book aims to address simply some of the more complex theories relating to weight and health such as food intolerance and energy imbalances. There are lots of interactive sections and the reader is expected to make an effort to contribute to their own understanding of the concepts. Simplicity, colour and clear sectioning are used to get the messages across.

We have worked for numerous companies and organisations and have been proud to create many of their logos, identities and branding. This a a small but varied selection of some of those logos.

We have in-house capabilities to create 3D illustrations to help promote your services or products. This includes infographics, archviz and product visualisation.

Square Eye Design Logo
We recently updated our logo and whilst we were doing it we realised that we liked the idea of the logo being dynamic. We felt that the symbol was strong enough to take having different patterns applied to it whilst using a limited colour palette. This led to a little project of designing 50 business cards, all with a unique logo. We finally ended up with 64 designs and when we get through these we’ll come up with more.

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